As previously reported, has now gone off line with all the webites that were still live, are no longer available.

    At the end of last year, our technical team looked to find sites that were possibly still being used and have then made a back-up of them. Please contact us if you would like us to create you a new website based on your old one.

  • ** News Update **

    Free Service

    If you are considering using us, please let us know before February 2024. For our own purposes and totally free of charge, we will make a copy of your current website, which will greatly assist us to create your new site, should you choose to use us.

    Click here to let us know your current website to copy (Free of charge and without obligation)

  • Many of our websites will disappear
    Henry Catherwood

    As our volunteer web master for my lodge I am now aware that, which we have used for about 10 years, is to close down.

    Having looked around, I can find no other provider offering a low cost, simple and secure solution. So I am now creating one through my business Cloud Cortex Communications Ltd.

    The first enhanced site has been completed. Take a look by following this link