What Are We Offering?

A low cost, simple to use, secure and professional looking web solution for your lodge/organisation, ready to go straight away.

Nothing to pay until you are 100% delighted.

Being a mason, you will know that we strive to delight each other. With this absolutely in mind, I do not request any payment until I know you are 100 satisfied with your new website. If I can’t make you 100% delighted, you owe nothing.


The Masonicwebsite.org service provides all of the important features a lodge needs in a professional looking website to;

  • Promote itself
  • Keep its members up to date.
  • Retain its members.
  • Attract new members

A masonic website needs;


A Home page, to welcome the visitor and clearly direct them to the information they seek.


It needs an Events area to promote the various events both ceremonies and socials, etc. in a clear, simple yet attractive format.


A News area that reports on recent activities, successes and other interesting national and internationalnews that the members might find interesting.

How to Join

A How to Join area explaining the procedure and providing that next clear step.

Contact Us

A Contact Us area only asking for basic contact information. All the form filling can come later after the first meeting.


An About Us page, where you can define what you do and where you do it, including your address


A Members suggestions/feedback area ensuring that the members know that they are being listened to.


A Privacy statement

Watch a video on how it will look

Open our Videos page

Your website will be pre-populated with your details

The default site that we create for you will be pre-populated with your details and can be live staight away. You may add to / amend the information and you can change options as you wish. This can include additional pages linked to new menu options.

Enhancing your site

Your site can go live straight away but you may wish to add to it. We provide all the simple to use features to enable you to do this yourself but if your lodge/organisation does not have anyone who wishes to enhance your site, we offer a low cost site enhancement service where, after having a look at what is available from an old website and any additional text that you may have, we can confirm what we will be able to provide.

Domain address

You can select your preferred domain but for our simple solution, your domain name always finishes .masonicwebsite.org. So for example (ourlodgename-number.masonicwebsite.org)

So easy to use

The solution uses a protected version of the world renowned WordPress. Many of your members’ should be very comfortable with using it and with updating the content. Children and grandchildren may also be useful. Having a protected version ensures unapproved and possibly problematic add-ons cannot be loaded in error.

Multiple site users

You provide us with the name of your first site administrator and then they can create the other users and security levels. We do not limit the number of registered site users.

Members only area

You will be able to define a members only area/content if required but this is not provided in the default configuration.


To keep the site fast and responsive we do limit the size of the images and total storage that you should use. If this is problem we can upgrade this capacity, normally at no additional cost.

WordPress updates

Everything is super simple as any WordPress updates are regularly updated remotely by us.


We include support by phone, remote control and email in the first 30 days your new site being available. There-after, support is via email and bulletin board. We have optional additional support packages should you require them.

Example of our default site

We are have created an example basic website have a look if you have a moment https://example-basic-site.masonicwebsite.org/

Example of an enhanced site

We are working on my lodge’s site which is not yet fully complete. It will need to be approved by the brethren of the lodge and the sent for Province for their approval before it is adopted.

Take a look now, all feedback is most welcome https://mitton-6904.masonicwebsite.org/

Choosing to create a website from scratch could become a frustrating mistake.

With the closure of Freemason-web many of us need a new solution. All lodges will be able to find a business, a family friend or a brother to create for them a new website. The sites will vary considerably in cost, quality and reliability. You will however also be left with the domain renewals, SSL yearly cost (gives your site the https protection), someone to keep everything updated, your hosting costs and any additional services that you may need. Once up and running you might also find support an issue.